The One Day Detox Cleanse Improves Quality Of Life

Do you go to bed tired and after 8 hours of sleep, wake up feeling tired? Do you move through your day slowly, almost as if dragging your body from point to point? Are you tired of being tired?

If this describes how you experience your day, it’s time to turn all this around with the One Day Detox Cleanse and put some pep into your step!

If you’ve been walking around in what feels like a Zombie state of being, wouldn’t you like to feel alive again?

Despite your fears of having to live like this for an indefinite period of time, the future can be much brighter if you learn some basic precepts about human vitality.

That’s right, learning how to revitalize your life is possible! All you need to get started on the wonderful journey to a revitalized life is to learn the vast benefits you can experience with the One Day Detox Cleanse.

What It Does

• Increases Energy
• Improves Digestion
• Makes Bowel Movements Easier and More Productive
• Makes Eating Healthier
• Helps to Detoxify the Liver
• Facilitates Weight Loss

Finally, you have at your disposal access to a one day detoxification program that can introduce you to the benefits of detoxification. Take it further for even more impressive results.

Your complete detoxification is available upfront in a single day – starting right now.

Although the entire process takes place over a month (30 days), it’s all presented right now, right here – on Day 1.

calendar tearing off day 1With the 30 Day Detox Cleanse you can really feel the difference between your toxic state and your detoxified state.

It comes in 2 phases: Phase I is the detoxifying state and Phase II is maintenance.

Naturally after you go through all that work to detoxify your body, the last thing you would want is to go right back to your old habits adding toxin after toxin to your body.

The maintenance program shows you how to avoid a large portion of the toxins found in foods and other products.

With toxins everywhere, in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the plastics we use and the perfume we wear, you need a legitimate way to eliminate them.

Eliminating them improves the quality of your life and increases the length of your life. Using the detox cleanse is one way to be safe from toxins, the other way is to fight off environmental toxins, preventing them from entering your body in the first place.

Toxins to Which We’re Commonly Exposed

toxic sign with arrows
1. Xenoestrogens imitate the behavior of estrogen, causing early puberty in girls and decreasing fertility. It also increases the risk of developing cancer and upsets the natural hormone balance in males and females. It’s found in plastics, perfumes, toothpaste, cosmetics, hair products, metal cans and other household products.

2. Genetically modified food (GMO) are prevalent in the food markets of America. You’ll find GMO’s is soup and corn is generally genetically modified unless it’s organic.

This means any product that contains fructose corn syrup probably contains GMO’s. Canned soups often use fructose corn syrup.

Oils contain GMO’s because they are made from rapeseed (canola), corn (corn oil), cottonseed(hydrogenated cottonseed oil), soybean (hydrogenated soybean oil). Rapeseed, corn, cottonseed and soybeans are primarily genetically modified foods.

3. Artificial food additives such as BHA, bulking agents, food colorings, emulsifiers, flavors and acids. BHA is butylated hydroxyanisole a preservative that prevents fat from spoiling. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is another common fat preservative.

4. Pesticides , like the 13 different neurotoxic pesticides found in foods marketed to children. Pesticides have the active ingredient, organophosphate, which is also used in sarin, a volatile poison. It kills insects by attacking their nervous system, unfortunately it does the same thing to humans; it just takes decades to cause noticeable effects on our bodies.

So, What Can You Do About It?

woman holding question signYour solution to avoiding toxins may be to follow the tips listed above and to eat organic foods, but these are only steps in the right direction.

The toxins are still in your body for the 20, 30, 40 or 50 years or more that you’ve lived on this earth.

They’ve built up inside you and they affect you every day, by slowly weakening your systems. Eating clean food at this point in time will help but it won’t eliminate the toxins already inside you.

Remember, these toxins come from food and your environment. You’re still being exposed to a large number of toxins even if you change your diet. The only way to be free of them is to flush them out of your body. The One Day Detox Cleanse is the beginning of gaining that freedom from toxins.

If you want to be free of lethargy and unexplained exhaustion, don’t wait another day, hour or minute to get relief. Experience what it feels like to wake up in the morning feeling energetic, vital and full of life.

Remove those nasty toxins from your body once and for all with the One Day Detox Cleanse and begin living life the way it was meant to be lived.

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