Lemon Cleanse Detox –
Lose Weight, Boost Health

The lemon cleanse detox has many names – master cleanse, lemonade diet, maple syrup cleanse, cayenne pepper cleanse – the list goes on. It gained popularity in the early part of this century, when it was adopted by celebrities as a fast way to lose weight, but the cleanse has actually been around since the 1940s.


In the 40s, natural health advocate Stanley Burroughs created a short-term diet that would clean toxins from the body, jump-starting metabolism and allowing the body to heal itself.

He believed that the human body had all the tools it needed built right in, to fight infection, repair damage and fortify itself against the excesses and pollutants of modern life.

What is the Lemon Cleanse Detox?

This rapid weight loss plan is designed for maximum results in a minimum amount of time. It requires a good deal of willpower to accomplish, but the results can be astonishing, with some proponents losing over a pound a day, energy levels going up, inflammation in the body receding, and many chronic toxicity-related health issues abating or altogether resolving themselves.

The premise is to drink a concoction of fresh made lemonade, mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper throughout the day for 3 days or more. With this cleanse, no other nourishment is permitted.

Just water, the lemonade mixture, and twice-daily laxatives.

How to do the Lemon Cleanse Detox

For three days before beginning the cleanse, eat only whole, raw foods. Salads, nuts, fruits and vegetables will prepare your body for the total elimination of toxin-heavy food and water.

Buy purified water, or filter your own. Drink plenty throughout the day, and eliminate all other beverages. If you are a coffee addict, wean yourself down to 1/2 to 1 cup per day, and be prepared for withdrawal headaches.

lemon cleanse detox tea mixtureFor the actual cleanse days, prepare a mixture of freshly squeezed lemon juice, pure water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

This concoction, consumed throughout the day whenever you are hungry, will give the body the bare minimum of calories it needs to function, and allow the liver and kidneys the opportunity to clean all the accumulated garbage out.

Morning and night, take some kind of laxative. Senna tea is popular and more gentle than many over the counter pills, plus it doesn’t contain all those pharmaceutical fillers.

That’s it. For 3+ days, you will consume nothing more than this lemon drink – up to 80 ounces per day.

After the cleansing period – anywhere from three to ten days – you will have a 3-day reintroduction period, where you will slowly add whole, preferably organic foods back into your diet.

Don’t rush this step and go running out for pizza just because you successfully completed the cleanse! If you throw garbage right back into your system, your cleaned-out body will rebel and you will feel terrible, racked with headaches, nausea, dizziness and indigestion.

Important Tips for Success

roll of toilet paper1. Stay near the bathroom. This can’t be stressed enough. Your body is clearing out years of built-up toxicity, which has but one place to go. Add the senna, and you are in for heavy-duty bowel movements, multiple times per day.

After the first two to three days of the lemon cleanse detox, there won’t be so much activity, but until then, stay home! Start this phase over a long weekend, when you have no place to be.

mind staying busy with thought2. Stay busy. This sounds counter to the above tip to stay home, but it is important to keep yourself occupied so that you are not obsessing over hunger all day.

Knit a sweater, paint, re-paint, and re-re-paint your nails, read a Russian classic – anything to keep the food cravings at bay.

Seriously, it’s going to feel like a long 3+ days, so have a plan to keep your mind occupied and distracted from the hunger pangs.

couple holding hands in support3. Gather support. Having a partner in crime to encourage you to stick with it is invaluable.

It could be a spouse, a family member, a boyfriend or girlfriend – it doesn’t matter.

So long as you have someone to bounce your angst against, you’ll get through the cleanse and feel so much better on the other side. You can turn to each other in moments of weakness, plus keep each other occupied.

notebook saying before and after4. Do the before and after days. Having those three days at the start and end of the lemon cleanse detox really helps the body prepare and recover.

It seems easier just to jump right into the liquid phase, but these stages are necessary for real success. Plus, you’ll want to acclimate your body for what’s in store. Jumping right into the tea/concoction is like quitting food cold turkey. A better idea is to transition more gradually.

Who Uses the Cleanse?

Though it has been around almost a century, this detox technique found popularity in the early 2000s, when celebrities like Beyonce and Demi Moore adopted it as both a diet to drop pounds and a cleansing technique.

Beyonce used it to prepare for her role in Dreamgirls, and obtained the sleek look she coveted, while retaining her signature curves.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, as well as Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers did it to feel healthier. In the process, Quivers dropped 70 pounds!

None of the celebrity cleansers found it easy, despite being accustomed to tough fitness regimes. However, all of them attained their goals for health and fitness with the time tested lemon cleanse detox formula.

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