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Drinking coffee to stay alert and taking medication so as to feel energetic should not be part of your daily routine. Ideally, the body is meant to be alert and energetic without the help of medication or stimulants.

ckls cleanse and human anatomyHowever, this is not the case, because people ingest so many toxic substances that are in food, air and water each and every day.

When the toxins accumulate in the body they prevent the organs from functioning effectively, causing discomfort and other health problems. Therefore, it is important to perform a CKLS cleanse every once in a while.

Effects of Toxins in the Body

Some of the discomfort and health conditions people suffer from are not as a result of strenuous activity or infections. However, they are mostly caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. The effects of toxins in the body are so many such that others are not even known. Some of the common ones include:
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Headaches
• Joint aches
• Fatigue
• Stuffy sinuses and post-nasal drip
• Skin rashes and skin irritations

The accumulation of toxins in the body is manifested through various, different ways, depending on the person in question and the extent of toxin accumulation.

Therefore, just because you do not suffer from any of the above, does not mean that you do not need a CKLS cleanse.

Toxins affect the natural homeostasis process. For those who do not know, homeostasis is the tendency of the body cells to maintain internal equilibrium by changing the physiological processes within it. If the cells are unable to achieve homeostasis, some of the processes within them seize to run or are altered an in the end organs start malfunctioning bringing about certain health and physical problems.

If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned conditions or you do not feel fully fine, you need not worry. There is a way you can deal with your condition. All you need is a CKLS cleanse.

What is a CKLS Cleanse?

A CKLS cleanse is a total body cleanse that rids all the major organs of any toxins. It is designed to eliminate toxins and waste products from the gut and blood.

This form of cleanse focuses on the following organs:
• Colon
• Kidneys
• Liver
• Spleen

The name CKLS stands for colon, kidney, liver and spleen. CKLS products work in a similar manner as other detox formulas. They lead to increased defecation and urination which aids in the cleansing process.

CKLS Ingredients

The CKLS formula contains the normal body cleansing ingredients. These ingredients are also found in other detox products. They include chamomile, aloe vera, mullein, chapparal, cayenne and fenugreek among others. With these ingredients, the formula is able to offer the body cleanse that is required.

What Is The Procedure?

The CKLS formula does not work on its own. It must be accompanied by a strict cleansing procedure that is directed by the company that makes the formula. To start with, there are certain foods and beverages that you definitely shouldn’t eat.

They include:
avoid on ckls cleanse• Alcohol
• Coffee
• Dairy products
• Flour products
• Fish or poultry
• Salt
• Fried food
• Sugar
• Smoking

To commence with the cleansing procedure…

You Will Require the Following (Ingredients):

• CKLS 100% herbal formula capsules
• 6 to 10 fresh lemons
• 16 ounces of olive oil
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Vegetable broth such as cabbage soup

ckls capsules for cleanseBefore the cleanse starts you are required to take CKLS capsules with lukewarm water the night before the first day. Read the dosage on the bottle carefully before taking the required amount.

The next morning you should take other another specified amount (varies by brand) of capsules on an empty stomach then wait for 1 hour and take lemon juice and olive oil.

If you weigh above 130 pounds you should take 16 ounces of olive oil, but if you are under 130 take 8 ounces.

Do not eat or drink anything for the next 5 to 9 hours after you take the olive oil. Moreover, do not lie down and do not eat the whole day.

This might sound like a difficult request but the results are worth it.

During this time, you may have rapid bowel movements so stay at home or ensure that there is a restroom wherever you are.

After the first day is over, take 3 CKLS capsules at night from the second day up to the seventh day.

Diet For The CKLS Cleanse

ckls cleanse diet with fruitsDuring the CKLS cleanse, you can eat fresh fruits or fruit juice for breakfast, fresh vegetables for lunch and fresh vegetables for supper.

If you feel hungry during the day, sip on the vegetable broth.

Or, drink up to 1 gallon of room-temperature spring water.


If feel you need a CKLS cleanse do it as soon as possible. You do not have to wait for the effects of toxins to manifest themselves. Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, go and purchase the CKLS formula from a certified chemist and start leading a healthy life.

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