14 Day Detox Diet – Kickstart Your Health

Anyone who feels weary, stressed, continually tired, lethargic or overweight will find that they benefit in a BIG way from a 14 day detox diet.

Toxins are everywhere these days, especially in the foods that we eat, and they can exert a baleful influence on your health.

Whether it is pesticides sprayed on the vegetables you eat, or chemicals used in processing foodstuffs, cutting out the toxins can only do you good.

A program such as Total Wellness Cleanse is a great way to start out on the road to toxin-free, healthier and fitter you.

The program offers some great advice, as well as supplying the products that you need to begin your journey.

Without gimmicks, you’ll be provided with step by step sensible nutritional advice that really works.

What the 14 Day Detox Diet is NOT…

14 day detox diet

There are no new age spells, fads, glorified laxatives or anything that you may have seen Hollywood stars indulge in.

14 day detox diet

You will not need to drink any vile potions, or starve yourself by only eating certain foods.

14 day detox diet

More to the point, perhaps, you will not need to waste hundreds of dollars buying things which will exert negligible influence on your body’s battle for health.

While the supplements and meal replacement shakes which are a big part of the 14 day detox diet can really help with the initial process, it’s crucial maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle alongside your efforts.

Only by eating and drinking the right things can you hope to maintain a healthy body.

It Starts With the Foods That Fuel Your Body

groceries for 14 day detox dietFruit and vegetables really are the foundation of a healthy diet. Eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables, of many different colors, ensures that your body receives the vitamins, fiber and other elements that it needs to function in a healthy manner.

With the aid of many anti-oxidants, it can also help your body protect itself from life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

Obviously, though, you still need to use care when choosing the sources from which you obtain fruit and vegetables. Opting for local growers is always a good thing.

Not only is something grown locally more likely to be organic, and contain fewer toxins, it also leaves less of a carbon footprint, which is better for the environment.

As well as plenty of fruit and vegetables, though, you will also need some protein and carbohydrate. For protein, it is best to choose fish and lean meat, such as free-range chicken.

Avoid Red Meat At Any Cost

avoid on 14 day detox dietEating too much red meat, like beef, in particular, can cause you health problems.

Someone who eats red meat every day is likely to have an inefficient digestive system, and is more vulnerable to a plethora of diseases.

So many chemicals are used in the production of meat and fish, that it is a good idea to always buy organically farmed meat.

Many factory farms have a pretty deplorable attitude towards animals welfare and farming techniques. As a result, their products are unhealthy, and leave a bad taste, ethically speaking, too.

Always look for locally-farmed meat(more preferably turkey, chicken or fish) whenever possible, and buy organic products whenever you can.

Exercise & The 14 Day Detox Diet

bigstock-Healthy-Asian-Woman-2944389 (1)Engaging in regular exercise is a vital way of maintaining your body’s health, and keeping it toxin-free.

Exercise stimulates all kinds of hormones, such as endorphins, which can improve mood and help you sleep.

Additionally, with perspiration, toxins are flushed naturally from your system.

Exercise maintains muscle tone, and keeps your heart in good working order.

You should combine cardiovascular work, strength training and stretching in your work-out program, to make sure that your body works at its optimal level.

If you currently do none at all, or very little, exercise, then you need to begin gently before you start trying to train hard.

Start Slow And Find What Works Best For You

woman-exercising-on-streetSimply walking for 45 minutes a day is a good way to get started.

As you feel yourself growing fitter, you can up this amount, or branch out into other forms of exercise.

Running is a good way of staying in shape, but it can stress the joints, so is best avoided if you are heavy and not used to high impact.

Swimming is a nice alternative as well, as it helps to build muscle tone and strength, while giving you a top quality cardio work-out.

The water supports joints too, making it almost impossible to injure yourself in a swimming pool.

Other forms of more esoteric exercise can also be useful in maintaining motivation and keeping you on track.

Yoga is excellent for general health and fitness, and having lessons can introduce you to other like-minded people.

Pilates is growing in popularity as an exercise activity, and is a great way to get fit.

The Instructions – 14 Day Detox Diet Plan

The 14 day detox diet can help anyone become more serious about their health and fitness. After the initial two-week period, though, it is vital that you maintain your progress, and continue to behave in ways which will keep the poisons (ie: toxins) out of your body.

By combining the right diet with appropriate forms of exercise, you can stay healthy, happy and toxin-free for the rest of your life.

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